Dear customer, in our shop you can as a private or commercial customer order the complete range of SEAT original spare parts and accessories online. How does the shop work ? 

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Or write to our parts specialists using the contact form ( please enter the 17-digit VIN ).
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  • Lieferzeit bei älteren Fahrzeugen
    • Die angegebenen Lieferzeiten beziehen sich auf Teile, die entweder bei uns oder in einem der deutschen Zentralläger vorrätig sind. Gerade bei selten nachgefragten Originalteilen, die direkt bei der Konzernzentrale für Sie bestellt werden, kommt es oftmals zu Verzögerungen von bis zu 3 Arbeitstagen, über die wir Sie aber möglichst umgehend informieren werden.

    Any questions? Your SEAT Parts Team

    Our recommandations

    6J3071151 Rails
    Shipping time: ca. 1-3 Working Days
    600,93 EUR
    19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
    6J0071151 Rails
    Shipping time: ca. 1-3 Working Days
    569,20 EUR
    19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
    5F0071100 Rails
    Shipping time: ca. 1-3 Working Days
    591,04 EUR
    19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
    5F0071100A Rails
    Shipping time: ca. 1-3 Working Days
    622,44 EUR
    19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
    6J8071100A Rod
    Shipping time: ca. 1-3 Working Days
    333,74 EUR
    19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
    1SL071100A Rod
    Shipping time: ca. 1-3 Working Days
    308,21 EUR
    19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
    6JA071363 Load Edges
    Shipping time: ca. 1-3 Working Days
    61,31 EUR
    19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs
    7N5061197 Load Edges
    Shipping time: ca. 1-3 Working Days
    106,88 EUR
    19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs

    Welcome to SEAT Original Spare Parts Shop of Onlineparts24.com

    In our SEAT online shop we offer all available and the right spare parts and accessories, where you can directly order from us.

    In addition, we also offer various options, such as suppliers, dealers and distributors of omission-share, classic parts, whom we have a pleasant and successful cooperation with. You can get information about withdrawn parts or replacement parts from us at any time. We also provide distributors’ selection of hull engines, transmissions, part engines, turbochargers and clutches, as well as ignition, by which you can save money, but in the same quality distinguished as new with the same guarantee, only that this is at half the price- which is good, right?
    Another plus are SEAT Economy spare parts. These are intended for all vehicles aging 5 years. For vehicles of that age, the particular car parts identified to be those which are usually offered after inspections and wear ranges such as brake pads, brake discs, starter batteries, mufflers and shock absorbers at a very reasonable price Economy. It is certain that the quality of the original parts does not suffer.


    We speak to everyone

    We only don’t speak to each member of workshops and automobile clubs but also the hobbyists who do not always have the time to see a SEAT dealer at their appropriate time. But even the scarce distribution network towards a dealer can be a hurdle. With us you can order your needed parts at your chosen time around the clock here in our online shop.


    The SEAT Parts Market Focus

    SEAT also has become one of the largest producers in Europe and we are supplied daily with the necessary parts from the central warehouse. We ensure that no packages are prepared later than 17.00. By then, the parts will be ready for pick up the next day.
    If you want to order SEAT spare parts from us, you should keep, especially the vehicle documents, ready and especially the chassis number- which is very important. This is entered in the search box on our page. By default selection, you can certainly work through the vehicle to the fine distinctions. This is possible from the body shape and the model shortcuts, to engine displacement and the year of the vehicle. But if you already have installed a part which eventually was not original, the manufacturer's instructions will no longer prevail and for that, you need to adjust your search criteria after the installed spare parts. It no longer comes down to what the vehicle data previously indicated.
    Search for your vehicle original parts and accessories in the fields of transmission, engine, exhaust, fuel, front and rear suspension, body panels, infotainment or other parts that are needed for your car. You can get in touch with us whenever you need spares, and that is possible by e-mail and also by telephone. We can certainly help you, and get the right spare part for your SEAT.
    If ever you can´t install the parts and you don´t have service, then we are ready to give you the right service to which you can turn to. Whenever you have questions or need information regarding your SEAT, we provide you with advice and practical help. Also, that includes item numbers or standard parts. Our customer service is always available for your orders to be placed round the clock here online. We will process your order as soon as it has reached us. We look forward to your order!
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